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A short welcome video from our San Diego Chapter President, until we get your Orange County Chapter President, Jennifer Kain, in studio.

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Chaplain TIG talks you through some of the tangible benefits of local chapter sponsorship.


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Why is this type of connection with prospective customers so much more effective than traditional forms of advertising?

Partner with America’s Children of Fallen Heroes and you will not be soon forgotten.


Emotion is the On/Off switch for retention and is a vital key to your long-term brand recognition. You provide the brand and we provide the positive emotional anchor.

What is an Expression of Appreciation (EOA)?

An Expression of Appreciation
(EOA) is a message of encouragement to the children who have lost a hero parent.

We are collecting these letters, photos and videos of support from caring people across the nation, to encourage our kids and to let them know that they are not forgotten, they are loved, and to empower their hope for a better future.

EOAs can be written, photographed or filmed… they can be short and simple or highly creative and developed. The point to be made is that you recognize and appreciate their sacrifice and you are letting them know they are not alone.

When you send an EOA (and it is approved by the EOA team) it is

  1. sent to the families we serve,
  2. included in the upcoming book, On Behalf of a Grateful Nation,
  3. featured on our websites,
  4. Facebook page and
  5. YouTube channel and
  6. will be displayed at the Memorial for America’s Children of Fallen Heroes.

Examples of Filmed EOAs

Examples of Written EOAs


When You Support a Local Chapter, You are Joining Some of the Greatest Organizations in the Galaxy



Over the decades, these awesome folks have helped us build many organizations that help children and young adults discover their purpose and achieve their greatness all over the world.

Oh… and because of them we’ve also saved a few thousand puppies and kittens and found them new loving homes.

“Thank You” doesn’t do you justice, but it’s a start.